I will post my availability on my calendar .

When you contact me, be polite and courteous, remember my time is valuable. Do not expect lengthy chats about session scenarios or phone domination. Be prepared to give details about your interests and experience so that I may consider inviting you to session with me.  Be precise and to the point.

Before you contact me please make sure that you have read my website carefully. Sincere, respectful applicants only.

You may E-mail me on worshipthrone@aol.com . This is my preferred method of contact. This is the best way to get a session with me as my phone may be switched off on days I am not available.

You may call me on 07774534133 between the hours of

10am-10pm Mon- Fri

10am-5pm Saturday

Note   I do not answer WITHHELD NUMBERS

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to take your call or answer your message straight away.

If I am unable to take your call then leave a message or txt me your details including the date and time you wish to have a session and I will get in touch when I am free to do so.

Tribute rates and Confirming Appointment

The tribute will be set once the session content has been agreed. Do not make an appointment unless you can definitely attend. Once the appointment has been made you will be required to contact Mistress by phone or txt on the morning of your session to confirm your attendance.

If you have to cancel an appointment do so at your earliest convenience and then the session may be rescheduled. If you do not confirm your appointment you will be treated as a time waster and future correspondence will be ignored.  Time wasters will not be tolerated in any manner. Your number will be posted on my blog page and forwarded to other Mistresses in Scotland so you do not waste their time.

If you are granted an appointment with me you will be required to arrive discreetly and on time. No earlier or later than your appointment time.