Glasgow Mistress Savannah

Q. I am interested in a particular fetish but do not see it listed in your interests.

A. Contact me regarding any interests that are not listed but I reiterate I will only participate in sessions which I enjoy.

Q. Why do you not show your face in any of your pictures.

A. For Privacy reasons I decided to change my website so that my whole face was not shown in pictures . I will not send pictures of myself in e-mails to people as this defeats the purpose of privacy.

Q Why do you not list your Tribute rates?

A. The tribute rates depend on the session content. Every session is different and sessions incur more expense on my part than others and may incur a small extra charge to cover costs.

Q. Do you accept Credit or debit cards?

A. I only accept cash in the form of the British pound. I do not accept foreign currency as payment for a session.

Q, Do I have to pay a deposit.

A. Only if you require a session of 3 hrs. or more and you are new to me or you have cancelled sessions in the past.

Q. Can another Mistress participate in the session?

A. I offer Double sessions with Mistress Scarlet.

Q. I have tried to call you several times, why do you not answer?

A. As you will understand I do not answer calls when I am in session and I do have a private life which means my phone is switched off sometimes.  I do prefer e-mail contact which is checked twice a day.

Q. It is my first time and I do not know what to expect.

A. You will be greeted by me and see only me unless you have requested a Double Domme session. We will have a chat about your session interests and you will be expected to disclose any medical history that might affect the session. You will pay the tribute before the session begins. You may keep your clothes or underwear on if you prefer or strip naked or wear fetish clothing. Do not arrive at my chambers wearing fetish or opposite sex clothing. You will be given time to change into clothing.

Q . I am a TV and wonder what services you provide.

A. I have a selection of clothing in various sizes including boots and shoes in large sizes. I also have a selection of wigs and make- up. I have a large collection of female underwear in various sizes. Tell me your requirements when you contact me.

Q. Can you administer poppers during my session?

A. Yes this is possible. If you wish me to provide poppers you may request them in advance of the session. You may also bring your own.

Q. I am worried about hygiene of the equipment used.

A. All insertables and electrical equipment are sterilized to prevent infection. The utmost care is taken to insure your health is not put at risk.

Q Do you provide a safe word?

A. Yes you will be provided with a safe word unless you ask not to be issued with one.

Q. Are you truly sadistic?

A. I am your worst fear and your best fantasy all in one.