Glasgow Mistress Savannah


I am Glasgow Mistress Savannah and I have been a Professional Mistress since 2006. I am an experienced Scottish mistress in my late 40s and I do like take care of my appearance.  I enjoy and revel in many aspects of BDSM play, but I am very selective with whom I engage in them with.

My sessions are expertly designed for each individual from the seasoned submissive to the first time novice. As a Professional Dominatrix, I enjoy a wide variety of BDSM activities and fetishes, but I will only participate in sessions which involve interests/activities that I enjoy.  I do not engage in activities that do not appeal to me, I will never try to feign interest to please anyone.

My passion is for Corporal Punishment and Role Play scenarios. I am an expert in discipline and I have a large array of quality implements which are a joy for me to use on a slave. My favourite implement is the Cane, I admire the marks it leaves, it’s like a work of art. I also have a very firm hand and an expert in using the tawse correctly.


Where possible and practicable, I will dress to please. I have a large variety of fetish clothing including outfits in Leather, Rubber and P.V.C., stiletto shoes and boots, including thigh length. I also have some fetish clothing that may be suitable for you, the slave.

I strive to offer a discreet and professional service within the most equipped chambers and I can safely predict, that once an appointment/session has been agreed you will enjoy your visit.

I do not provide a `Personal service`, so do not ask.